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Autumn Market Review

Market Update Video

After an exceptionally strong 2020 for the local market, the start to 2021 has certainly been an interesting one. A shortage of listings to the market, combined with very strong demand is creating a somewhat bullish market and with this we are seeing an increase in prices of properties we are selling…And they are selling fast.

Why the shortage of listings? When owners are looking to sell the first thing they need to answer is “where are we going?” and with the shortage of listings not only in our area but seemingly across the Sydney Basin and many regional and coastal areas, some owners are worried they may not find what they want when they sell.

This problem we expect to ease mid to late year as owners who had paused their plans after a tumultuous 2020, decide it is time to make the move.

What is my home worth in 2021?

One thing for certain is if you have had an appraisal that is two months or older …it is probably out of date.

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